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Colour loss is not a spot or stain it is the unfortunate accidental loss of colour from your valuable carpets and upholstery.

Colour loss can occur in seconds if the wrong product is used on your carpets.

Take care who you ask to clean or treat stains on your valuable items.

Typical and most common reasons for colour loss

An attempt to remove a spot or stain by untrained cleaner or DIY product plus - bleach - sunlight - detergent and many more.


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Return your home and carpet to its former appearance

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Of course, the colour loss often occurs in a prominent position on your carpet and many people think or are told there is no solution.

Actually there is a solution and colour repair is not that expensive.

Using the same dyes used by carpet manufacturers we can re-dye your carpet.
Every effort is made to produce the best match possible, often the repair area is not visible.